MoonShine And valentine

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Guan Pi Pi (Victoria Song, Ice Fantasy) is an amateur reporter. In spite of being beautiful and kind, she often finds herself alone in the world. Because of that, Guan Pi Pi feels abandoned and hopeless. What she doesn’t realize is that she has been marked with an ancient curse that has been the cause of all of the misfortune in her life. He Lan Jing (Huang Jing Yu) is the Jade Master, a secretive cultural relic specialist whose face remains unseen to the public eye. He Lan Jing is practically alien to people, but no one knows just how true that statement is–The Jade Master is actually a deity from another realm. When He Lan Jing meets Guan Pi Pi, he becomes convinced that he can make her believe in love again. But for a man who lives his life in solitude, it might be tough to save a woman suffering from a supernatural, millennia-old curse. Also known as The Love Knot: His Excellency’s First Love, Moonshine and Valentine is based on the hit novel Jie Ai Yi Ke Feng Huan by Shi Ting Rou and was directed by Leste Chan. It aired in 2018.

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