My Best Bodyguard


Nicha, a famous news reporter and editor from Thailand, knows a secret. There’s an experiment on the world’s latest type of virus, which was created by a foreign pharmaceutical company that is using a group of Thai citizens as lab rats to find an anti-virus. Nicha must find the victims before it’s too late. She has been chased by Shawn, a young executive of the pharmaceutical company, who want to protect their interests and Jate, the leader of National Security Special Detachment, who want to eliminate test subjects before the virus spreads throughout the country.
Nicha’s father, colonel Natee, tries to persuade her to give up the mission because it’s too dangerous. But there’s a conflict between father an daughter, which prevent Nicha from listening to her father. Colonel Natee decides to ask Thud, the best gun for hire, to protect Nicha. Everybody is hunting what they’re after and end up colliding with each other. They will do any means necessary to achieve their goal.

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