My Date With A Vampire III

My Date with a Vampire III is a 2004 Hong Kong television series produced by ATV as a sequel to My Date with a Vampire (1998) and My Date with a Vampire II (1999), but with a new story line that is different from the first two seasons. The series starred many cast members from the first two seasons. Like the first two seasons, My Date with a Vampire III also blends aspects of the jiangshi (Chinese “hopping” vampire) with those of western vampires, while injecting elements of Chinese mythology, eschatology and time travel, with more focus on Chinese mythology in this season as compared to the first two.
At the end of the second season, set in early 2001, Fong Tin-yau, Ma Siu-ling and their friends succeeded in preventing the goddess Nüwa from destroying the world. Three years later, in 2004, another eschatological event is about to occur again.
The Queen Mother of the West and Fu Xi used to be a pair of lovers in the distant past but they have broken up. The Queen Mother threatens to end the world in an attempt to force Fu Xi to return to her, but Fu Xi no longer loves the Queen Mother and he only wants to be with his new lover, Chang’e. The Queen Mother becomes extremely jealous and she intends to destroy the world to vent her frustration.
Fong Tin-yau and Ma Siu-ling are enjoying their new and happy lives in the paradise world of Pangu after their success in 2001. However, they get caught up in the conflict between the Queen Mother and Fu Xi, and Fong Tin-yau suffers serious injuries when the Queen Mother introduces a deadly virus to wipe out all life in the paradise. Fong uses one final burst of energy to transport Ma back to the human realm, and tells her to find ways to stop the Queen Mother from ending the world.
After her return to the human world, Ma has to shoulder the heavy responsibility of preventing the Queen Mother from achieving her objective. She refuses to believe that Fong is dead, so she travels back in time to the Song Dynasty and finds Fong’s previous incarnation, Arrowhead, and brings him back to the present-day to help her in her plans. Ma also meets a strange girl called Fong Tin-ngai, who is actually her daughter from the future. She is also reunited with her deceased family members – her parents Ma Tai-lung and Tong Kam-bo, and her brother Ma Siu-fu. At this point, Fong Tin-yau suddenly reappears again and reunites with Ma Siu-ling.
Just as everything appears to have been restored to their original states, Fong Tin-yau and Ma Siu-ling get involved in the war between Fu Xi and the Queen Mother again, but the greatest threat to all of them is “destiny”, which they have to overcome in order to attain the final victory.

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