My Girlfriends Boyfriend

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Bai Shu, Leon Li and Elvira Cai star in a romantic comedy that proves even android robotic science is nothing compared to the complications of love. When a nerd finds a dark technology that allows him to get the perfect robot girlfriend, he accidentally also orders her boyfriend and gets caught in the middle of a very awkward love triangle. Evidently, Ah Zhai had made a mistake in his order. The robot he gets is indeed gorgeous, be he is also a man named Adam (Leo Li). Now, our otaku hits order again and this time he does get his dream girl Eve (Elvira Cai). However, there’s one more problem: she loves the guy-bot, not the nerd.

They are now all sharing the same apartment. Not interested in a love triangle with a handsome robot and his girlfriend, Ah Zhai tries to reprogram Eve; he messes up again. After his tampering, Eve now has four different personalities, ranging from helpless maiden to violent goddess. Ah Zhai cannot catch a break. He slowly starts to learn who is behind it all, but can he do anything about it while having to share an apartment with his “girlfriend” and her boyfriend?

My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend is a fantasy romantic comedy directed by Deng Ke (My Amazing Boyfriend). Prior to its release, the series made waves for being a romance and a bromance at the same time, with lead Bai Shu adding that his character’s relationship with Adam (Leon Li) is just as important as the one he has with Eve (Elvira Cai). The drama’s original broadcast period is from May 25, 2017 to June 16, 2017.

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