My step father Is a hero


Dazuo Luo, nearly 40 years old, worked in the logistics company and met his “destiny in love” Linming Tan. Then those two quickly fell in love and get married. Nothing is so certain as the unexpected, they have encountered a horrifying car crash right after they received the marriage certificate and Tan got killed. Luo had not yet come out from the grief, but the heritage lawyer Xiaoman Ren suspected he was deliberately murdered Tan and told him that Tan was not only left tens of millions of her legacy but also two children which Luo didn’t know before the marriage.

Luo refused to inherit the estate and promised to take care of two step-children in order to keep the commitment to the death of Tan. However, His two step-children did not like him and Luo’s mother against luo’s will . Plus, Luo’s female boss Yuping Han has been running after him which let everyone misunderstood him, Luo feel miserable at this moment.

Tan’s Ex-husband Cheng Kang was also appeared to tricked Luo to signed a huge debt and forced him to surrender custody. And Luo found out behind his desperate love, everything was turned out to be a deliberated plan from Tan, his deceased wife. Luo almost giving up his remarried family but Ren and Han’s supportive helped him through hard time. Lawyer Ren assisted Luo to started his own company to fight back Kang.

In the end, Luo not only out of the diffcult situation but also rebuilt the relationship between his Step-children and Kang and harvested his own romance love with Ren at the same time.

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