My Wife Is 18

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The film begins in the city of London, where a 30 year old man sits in front of a university board of 3 women. Apparently, the subject the man is being assessed in is Psychology of women, so hence the unisexual university board. The man is yet again told he has failed completely in the subject, and as he exits the university he is identified as Cheng (Ekin Cheng) by his colleagues. Not giving up, Cheng decides to continue with the subject, but at this time, his girlfriend decides to end their relationship. With no females to talk about and understand, he cannot continue with his essay. On top of that, his mother is getting increasingly worried that Cheng will not settle down, and urges him to marry. She introduces Cheng to her friend’s daughter Yoyo (Charlene Choi), and tells them it is a good idea to marry. In this modern world, both Yoyo and Cheng sees this as ridiculous, but Cheng’s grandmother is 93 years old and she wants Cheng to marry too. So in the end, Cheng is forced to marry Yoyo, who is 18 at the time. They make a contract that they will divorce within a year and no sexual relationship will occur. Yoyo agrees based on the fact that Cheng is quite wealthy, and she sees it as an opportunity to feed her lifestyle. By chance, Cheng becomes Yoyo’s teacher, and she has to hide the relationship from her school and her crush Kelvin. As life continues slowly, various things occur, and Yoyo slowly finds herself falling in love with Cheng.

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