National Security

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From award-winning Unbowed director Chung Ji Young comes the controversial prison drama National Security, based on the real-life memoirs of late democracy activist and politician Kim Geun Tae. Premiering at the 2012 Busan Film Festival, the critically acclaimed film portrays the torture endured by Kim when he was illegally arrested during the Chun Doo Hwan regime. With most of the film set in the interrogation room, the dark and harrowing drama shocked audiences with its graphic and devastatingly human depiction of political torture. Park Won Sang, who played the defense attorney in Unbowed, takes the leading role as Kim, while veteran actor Lee Kyung Young co-stars as the main torturer. Hard-hitting and uncompromising, the film is a painful and powerful indictment against Korea’s former authoritarian regime and human rights abuses in the name of National Security.

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