Tomokazu Shudo (Junpei Mizobata) has his first ever crush on Sugina Mayama (Saki Aibu), a senior graduate student. Tomokazu has troubles confessing his feelings to the popular student, but one day, Tomokazu is invited to the research lab where Sugina Mayama works. Tomkazu hopes to use this meeting to express his true feelings for her. To Tomokazu’s surprise, when he arrives he first sees a big wooden box in the middle of the lab and the lab is dark. Sugina tells Tomokazu that he looks scared and then proceeds to push Tomokazu into the box!While being placed into the box Tomokazu is told that he will watch a horror movie produced from his mind, with only his neck & head protruding from the box. Tomokazu will be the first test subject for Sugina’s “The Neck Machine”. The device hopes to turn people into monsters from the neck down while watching monsters. The first experiment fails, but Sugina then gets the help of childhood friend Takashi Gori (Yuta Hiraoka), who is now a horror writer named Mataro Echizen …

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