Nekoben to Toumei Ningen (2013)

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Momose Taro, nicknamed “Nekoben”, is described as a genius lawyer by the people around him, and yet he is a poor man who lives in a run-down apartment. To make matters worse, he is 40 and still has no luck with women. The kind-hearted Momose also adopts pitiful cats that have nowhere to go in the cases that he undertakes, and there are many of them in his Shinjuku office.
On the other hand, Momose’s frequent matchmaking activities undertaken by a marriage agency keep ending in failure. But in a reversal, its employee Daifuku Ako proposes marriage to him. Love finally makes progress. At that moment, Momose receives what looks like a request by email. “Mr Momose, this is the first time I’m writing to you. I’m worried about a white cockatoo that I cannot even sleep during the day. The love for Yamada Satoshi’s Sugiyama has cooled. I’m worried about Sugiyama’s fate. Please check on it. The invisible man.”
Puzzled by this sudden challenge, Momose immediately visits the home of Yamada Satoshi whose name was mentioned in the email. Yamada is a weather forecaster who goes on television, and he has a white cockatoo called Sugiyama which whom he makes his television appearances. Yamada discloses that Sugiyama has become useless because of the AD to whom he entrusts the cockatoo to while he is away. He has consulted the popular lawyer Futami Jun who is called the “prince of law”, and filed a lawsuit. Momose accepts the cockatoo from Yamada who has been treating it sloppily and starts to unravel the true identity of his client, “The invisible man” but…

~~ Adapted from the novel “Nekoben to Toumei Ningen” by Ooyama Jiyunko.

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