Neung Nai Suang (หนึ่งในทรวง)


The story starts off with “Yaya” who portrayed “Poom”,the beautiful girl with no parents, riding gracefully with her friends cheering. Then they going to bring the viewer to see and appreciate the beautiful decorated ballroom party. Which will be the first time the they met. “James” portrayed “Nueng” the handsome son of a former renowned diplomat that just came back from study oversea and attending this party. Every girls want to get to know him. But after the first glance “James” falling in love with “Yaya” straightaway. He forget that he knew her before. On the other hand, “Yaya” deeply remember that “James” used to bullied her when they were young. So she really doesn’t like him. But when they have to dance together at the party “Yaya” just ran away. That made “James” angry and embarrass. So, he picking a fight with her nonstop. Fan who love this kind of story will have to wait and se

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