New Strange Stories from Liao Zhai (2005)

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On his way for delivery, Ning Cai Chen met a beautiful woman, Xiao Qian, in the woods. She asked him to stay with her for the night and he did. Unbeknownst to him, Xiao Qian was a fox demon who seduced men into staying and sucked their soul while they were sleeping. Fortunately for Ning, he was rescued by the Maoshan Taoist priest, Yan Chi Xia. Ning’s near-death experience didn’t deter him from falling in love with Xiao Qian. Instead, he tried to save her. He found out that Xiao Qian was controlled by Lao Lao, a tree demon who used Xiao Qian to gather men’s souls. Because Xiao Qian failed to obtain Ning’s soul, Lao Lao punished her by marrying her to Heshen Lao Yao, a powerful skeleton demon. Ning, with the help of Yan, planned to crash the wedding and save Xiao Qian.

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