New World Makers (2021)

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The main character, Tatsuya, who keeps his emotions inside, lived by consuming every day just to save money with a part-time job. One day, he unexpectedly helped Kotona and Yuta in an accident that started from a misunderstanding and the fate of the three began to turn. Yuta who creates clothes and who has a strange fashion, and Kotona who was asked to be a model, and Tatsuya who was forcibly drawn in as a make-up person continue to walk.
What is a new life that “changes with encounters”?
Even if you don’t have outstanding talent, you can pursue your liking and achieve something with your friends. A youth success story that gives courage and hope.

One of the highlights of this show is that every event that occurs in the drama is linked to the actual SNS, and you can enjoy it more by watching the drama in parallel. The official drama SNS plays the role of following the overall picture and supports how to enjoy each story.

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