chased two rapid gallop cars flashed off party to participate in non-Gufu Hao Yang Xiaoxiao father of the block, they dispute with the campus. Party held at the same time, continue to play with another curtain roof. Accompanied by thunder and dark, dressed in a long red dress girl impressively stands at the highest edge of the platform. Red dress girl seemed saying something, and then fell on his back rise. She complained of being submerged in harsh lightning. Opposite them shocked I fear gone, the roof platform suddenly silent. Hidden in the trees behind the middle-aged man, quietly recorded with DV machine rescue scene scene. Jumping girl is a deserving orphans, whose name is Wang Kexin. Has been relying on funding to the university. She did not leave a suicide note, the cause of death has become a mystery. Two years later, Wang Kexin year’s Friends Yang Xiaoxiao returned students from the United States, according to the arrangement of his father, she was admitted to luxury villas. Connaught large villa, Yang Xiaoxiao experiencing a strange thing and one, maybe two years ago witnessed the jumping thing does not end. Wang Xue Lin Kexin’s ex-boyfriend after graduate school to become a good psychiatrist, he and his friends Kexin Yang Xiaoxiao reunion what will produce what kind of spark? Yang Xiaoxiao that recurring dream girl in red in the end is who? Blood-red dress and high heels, strange porcelain dolls and chimes …… all this in the end is a nightmare or reality? That in the cemetery and Xue Lin met with Wang Kexin who looks like a girl who in the end? Her lovely face hidden behind in the end what terrible motivation? And that middle-aged man behind a tree who is?

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