No One Is Innocent

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Zhuangzhi Ren (Shi Jian) is a handsome Hong Kong film industry tycoon, who has just returned from traveling abroad, after he personally supervised the production of a new movie. Sexy actress Ha Lamlam (Carol ‘Do Do’ Cheng), new martial arts film actor Muscle (Ka Wah Lam), entertainment reporter Monatan (Shui-Fan Fung), female director Ni Jinhua (Dengbi Yun) and Red White Hibiscus (Louise Lee) learned and of this, and hoping to find a
benefit in Zhuangzhi Ren, they have requested to meet.

On Zhuangzhi’s attorney’s arrangements, everyone is invited to the villa resort located on the outlying islands. The private detective’s investigation into the landlady for payment of wages to Zhuangzhi Ren, also comes up. Monatan suspects Zhuangzhi Ren of seducing his wife, so he brings along a variety of special instruments of death, ready to kill Zhuangzhi Ren in the villa, to clear off his wife’s hate.

Unexpectedly, after everyone reaches the villa, they find a large house which from time to time is heard bursts of strange sounds, but even more bizarre is the sudden disappearance of the village, which with everyone on the island already divided into factions, grow more suspicious, and panic.

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