Nobunaga’s Coffin AKA Nobunaga no hitsugi


Planning to conquer the nation, Oda Nobunaga built Azuchi Castle which had Japan’s first multi-storied central tower. For the next 3 years, he sent his men into various lands to subdue the country.

Because one of his vassals, Hashiba Hideyoshi, had difficulty in taking Takamatsu Castle in Bichu-no-kuni, he sent Akechi Mitushide out as reinforcement for Hideyoshi. At the same time Nobunaga decides to enter Kyoto. The day before his going into Kyoto, he calls his loyal vassal Ota Nobusada and tells him a secret. In addition he gives Nobusada five wooden boxes for safekeeping. Nobusada was famous for being loyal to Nobunaga to the point of idiocy and was called “Gyuichi” (the Cow).

Nobunaga takes a handful of men and proceeds towards Kyoto. Early in the morning 2 days later, Gyuichi learns of Nobunaga’s death at Honnoji Temple due to treachery. It was impossible for Nobunaga’s small number of men including Mori Ranmaru to withstand Mitsuhide’s forces and they were said to have perished in the temple fire. But the strange thing is, Nobunaga’s remains could not be found.

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