Not Easy to Forgive (2022)

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It tells the love story of Yu Zhong Sheng, the eldest apprentice of old carpenter Yi Da Chuan, and his granddaughter Yi Xiao Chuan.

Yu Zhong Sheng secretly fell in love with his teacher Yi Da Chuan’s granddaughter Yi Xiao Chuan. Driven by jealousy, second apprentice Yin Dong Yi sabotages Yu Zhong Sheng’s neighbor’s house beam which results in the death of a child. Yu Zhong Sheng takes the blame and goes to jail.

Due to circumstances, Yi Xiao Chuan is forced to marry Yin Dong Yi even though she is in love with Yu Zhong Sheng. Yu Zhong Sheng hears about the news in prison and vows revenge. He makes good on his words after his release, taking ever opportunity to knock his opponent down. Seeing Xiao Chuan and their relatives in pain because of the fight between the two of them, Yu Zhong Sheng and Yin Dong Yi gradually come to understand the truth.

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