Nougyou Joshi Harapeko SP


It is winter, the off-season for farming, and a matchmaking party is organised in Asahikawa. The girls, who have dressed up and gathered there from various parts of Hokkaido, are the successors of farming businesses. A significant other is crucial for succession and they are hunting for husbands. The group “Harapeko” has planned this party. Their leader is 29-year-old Hirose Natsumi (Maeda Aki), the only daughter of a farming family in the town of Kami Furano. She has been making a great effort as the successor of her father Yukio (Kariya Shunsuke). However, he does not recognise her attempts and is opposed to her following in his footsteps. Agriculture in Hokkaido is several orders of magnitude larger in scale than Honshu, so it is difficult to manage. He also considers her unsuitable because she has less physical strength than a young man and is not good at handling machinery. On the other hand, Natsumi’s good friend and the Harapeko’s sub-leader Sawaki Yuka (Serina) also stands at a crossroad in life. Should she pick farming or her boyfriend Imai Shota (Kokubo Toshihito)? Inheriting the family business is not an easy matter for the daughters of Hokkaido farming families. These girls venture into selling freshly harvested vegetables directly and nutrition education events with their energy. They even participate in the Tractor Bamba Race at Tokachi’s Sarabetsu Village and begin to realise what the possibilities of agriculture are to them. Will they be recognised as successors and also get husbands?

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