Nowhere to Run

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Looking for the ultimate door for some video images to promote publicity (Zhang Duo ornaments) led prospective sister-in-law smiled and went to the village to find the mysterious disappearance closed doors brother Zhang Mo (Tu Yuwei ornaments), on the way Van Khai met ALICE (Sui Yongliang ornaments), Xiaotong (Qian Si pupil ornaments) ride, the four traveled with overnight hill Pomiao, meeting presenter lost to man (Ge days ornaments) and cameraman Lao Du (Du language Chamber ornaments), and his entourage closed doors Quest Point Blank village, automatic opening and closing of the coffin, photos, and other supernatural events followed without eyes, everyone’s deeds and demeanor more and more strange, until harbinger of death “three scratches” start to appear in every person who, seeing a close companion a brutal bizarre died suddenly disappear, publicity wits to escape by car, the window suddenly appeared a Resentment grimace, spin the wheel yourself ……

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