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Born in single-parent families to the provincial capital of Ho Ching small town university affiliated hospital for treatment of severe maternal education center, the first day they encountered a patient postpartum hemorrhage, the newly appointed director of obstetrics Xiao Cheng (Wang Yaoqing ornaments) and Deputy Director Wei Lili are failed to solve, Ho Ching, but with primary hospital “indigenous methods” to solve the problem. Mrs. Qu Jin Ming, vice president of the United States, especially Sheng stumbled, Ho Ching Ming Jin song was actually the daughter of first love, which in turn deduce years of silence episode; Xiao Cheng, director of overseas returnees mastered a lot of advanced concepts and technologies, but after returning home only to find that there are a lot of misfits and reality where he and Ho Ching to face a lot of difficulties, from the initial disdain mutual appreciation of each other to understand and then to love each other until the final. The drama also created the image of a group of obstetricians flesh and blood, even though they do not all have the personality, ideas, experiences, positions, but in the face of every patient can dutifully, full of contemporary medical workers the “positive energy.”

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