Okashi no Ie


In this slice-of-life series, Sakurai Taro (Odagiri Joe) lives with his grandmother and runs the cheap sweets shop of “Sakuraya” in an older part of Tokyo. Having lost his parents early, he’s devoted to the grandmother who raised him and does his best to keep Sakuraya going. But with sales so low, he’s forced to take part-time jobs in construction to keep their heads above water. Still, he has plenty of time to spend lounging around with his friends. That is until an old classmate of Taro’s, Kimura Reiko (Ono Machiko) shows up after a long time. Seems she’s gotten a divorce and is now a single mother with a 5 year-old son in tow. Reiko soon finds herself falling for Taro, who is none to sure he’s ready for that…

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