One Step Beyond (1991)

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Newlyweds Lam Kim Long and Lai Bo Chu were on their honeymoon when their plane was hijacked, killing them and everyone else on board. Heaven took pity on the young couple and promised them another chance to be together in the next life. He was reincarnated as Chai Leung Seng, while she became a poor orphan named Lam Kam Mui.

As fate would have it, the hijackers were also reborn to be traffic cop Seung Tin Tong and doctor Cheuk Yeuk Nan. They continued to be obstacles for Leung Seng and Kam Mui. Tin Tong was so obsessed with Kam Mui that not even death could prevent him from pursuing the girl he loved. Ghostly happenings and chaos ensued as he tried to keep Kam Mui from reuniting with the man she was destined to be with.

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