One Sword Sweeps All (2019)

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It tells the story of three members of the Shengjia Troupe, which is a famous Beijing Opera Troupe in Huabei. It follows their road to revenge and assimilation to the war of resistance.
During the 1930s, the Shengjia Troupe and bandit Jiang You Cai get into a deadly conflict. In the fray, Sheng Zhong Hao’s father and teacher are both critically wounded. On his deathbed, Zhong Hao’s father forces his son to vow that he will never take revenge. Bearing with the pain of loss, Sheng Zhong Hao takes his martial siblings Wen Li Xuan and Zhen Yu Huan as they flee towards Tianjin. On the road, they are separated after running into soldiers.
Zhong Hao is arrested and thrown into the Japanese military labor camp. In his encampment, he misses the opportunity to reunite with his lover Zhen Yu Huan. After many years, the three meet again on the battlefield. Sheng Zhong Hao finally becomes part of the war of resistance against Japan and the two brothers fight alongside each other once more.

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