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Who doesn’t love the vastly successful Japanese video game The Oneechanbara? You got a hot sexy bikini cowgirl killing zombies? Add some extra characters for each iteration of the game series and its gets even better. (Im sure the new Wii version makes slicing zombies heads off all the more physically exertive so as to stay in physical parity with the main character who seems quite fit.

Now the plot of the video game is pretty slim to none, so the movie expands on this by adding SOME plot. Some back-story on the characters is good, as well as a motivation to kill zombies and why of course there ARE zombies running amok. But nowhere does anyone ever bother to mention why she is always wearing a bikini and cowboy hat. Perhaps there is a vague “Fistfull of Dollars”/”Galaxy Express 999” reference here, but still, for those of us probing the sartorial functions of Oneechanbara’s battle dress, I guess we should just sit back and enjoy it without asking such pointless questions.

The film action then is very much like the game action and therefore lots of fun. The fight scenes are the highlights and really shine. The pathos and drama are pretty standard but necessary. The whole picture tho is quite low budget and lacking any sort of quality acting talent. I believe the main actress was either a DVD pinup idol or a soft core porn star, so we’ll just say she’s got a good future if the movie turns franchise. Maybe they’ll explain more in a sequel. In the meantime, hell, she’s a hot zombie killing bikini girl!

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