Online Hero


Ding Da Yong is a young man from a small fishing village that loves nothing more than video games and celebrity Ai Lan. When Ai Lan happens to be filming in his village, Da Yong rushes to see her, only to be snubbed. Before she can leave, however, he leaves her with the promise that he will make her his girlfriend in three years. Two of those years are spent in the military, but with one year left, Da Yong sets off to Taipei to fulfill his promise. Da Yong finds Taipei to be a completely different world than his village, but he firmly believes that with hard work, anyone can succeed. Due to a chance encounter with the chairman of Hua Yi, a company responsible for designing online games, Da Yong’s natural talent for designing games is discovered and he is asked to work at the company. It is there that Da Yong meets the chairman’s daughter, Wu Shuang Shuang. As Da Yong continues on in this new world, he encounters conflict in both his professional and romantic life.

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