Onna Kudoki Meshi

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Kanbayashi Megumi (Kanjiya Shihori) is a freelance writer who has not had a boyfriend in five years. She will turn 30 in three months and starts to panic about marriage. One day, she is brought a proposal by a magazine editor whom she is on friendly terms with. It is a proposal about “trying to be hit on while eating” at restaurants suggested by single male candidates. Megumi spends the majority of her fees on eating out alone and has vast knowledge regarding restaurants. Thinking that she will not only be able to eat delicious meals for free, but also have a chance to meet men, Megumi readily agrees. If a man catches her fancy, she can even let herself be won over. Megumi begins to recruit men for the rather offensive sounding title, “Pick-up meals ~ Take me to a meal!”

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