Oolong Courtyard

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It is based on the classic comic IP “Oolong Academy”. It tells the story of Wulongyuan’s new year’s enrollment season, Awei (Wang Ning) who wants to be a bad guy, and Cheng Xing (Kong Lianshun) who wants to “learn bad” to sneak into Wulongyuan. Secret mission. In order to defraud the trust of Master Changmei (Wu Mengda), the two men and Xiaowen brothers (Hao Haowen ornaments), master brothers (Liang Chao ornaments), Sunshine (Zhang Junhao ornaments), “Snakes and beautiful little sisters” Rui Rui (Li Xinrui A group of apprentices have had a series of ridiculous Wulong anecdotes in the Wulongyuan. With the emergence of the mysterious woman (Wang Zhi ornaments), the absurd anecdotes of wits and wits are about to happen.

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