Painted Skin

The Painted Skin is a captivating tale set in ancient China. The story follows the life of a demon named Xiao Wei, who sets out to prove that true love does not exist in the world and that love can be broken.

The story begins with Xiao Wei being trapped in a mysterious demon trap. She is freed from the trap by a noble and righteous man named Wang Sheng, who does not know that she is a demon. However, he is later escorted back to his wedding by his father’s guards. This was the first meeting between Xiao Wei and Wang Sheng, and she is deeply touched by his kindness. She transforms into a human and begins to wander the world, always thinking of Wang Sheng.

Meanwhile, Wang Sheng is commanded by his father to marry Pei Rong, the daughter of a noble family. Pei Rong reluctantly agrees to the marriage in order to save her own family. On their wedding night, mysterious forces attack Wang Sheng’s family and the city. The events that follow lead Wang Sheng and Pei Rong out of the city and into the company of warrior Pang Yong, who is in love with Pei Rong. Xia Bing and her master, a pair of demon hunters, also join the group briefly.

Throughout the story, the characters are embroiled in love, loyalty, and grief. Xiao Wei’s heart is broken by another demon hunter, and she sets out to find a man who will truly love her and to discover the true meaning of love.

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