Paper Cut

A story that follows Tian Chuang Hua, the Ma family’s daughter-in-law who undergoes many hardships in her life, yet gathers up the strength to help her own village.

Tian Chuang Hua has always been a dutiful wife and daughter-in-law. She had hoped that her husband could return home to spend the new year with family, but was greeted with a set of divorce papers. Tian Chuang Hua and her own daughter have problems of their own and debtors are knocking on their door. At this time, her worst nightmare comes true. She learns that her father has passed away, but continued to be filial to her in-laws.

Tian Chuang Hua’s kindness does not go unnoticed as her parents-in-law accept her over their own son. Even with the trials and tribulations, she learns to overcome her problems one at a time and starts on a venture to developing tourism for the village. By chance, she discovers that her mother-in-law’s paper-cutting skills are a treasured art form.

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