Perfect Blue


A drama based on Miyabe Miyuki’s “Perfect Blue” and “Kokoro Torokasuyouna – Masa no Jikenbo”. The episodes are stand-alone but all revolve around Kayoko’s search for the mystery and truth behind her father’s death. Fujimi Sakiko comes to the Hasumi Detective Agency (run by Hasumi Kyoko) asking for help concerning a stalker. Kyoko’s daughter Kayoko, an investigator at the agency, takes on the case. Along with Masa, a former police dog, she joins Sakiko for her morning jog. While they are out jogging, they come across a bloody corpse. They try calling the police but their cell phones have no reception so they decide to walk to the police station. When they return, they find Masa on the ground and the corpse has disappeared. They are told that the corpse was actually alive and that the man was pretending to be his brother who happens to be a member of a gang sought by the police. Kayoko does not buy into this and asks her friend, Shiina (bartender at La Shiina) for his advice.

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