Pets GO Doggy Trip


Pack up your bags, we’re going on a trip! In Pets Go, Doggy Trip, we get to follow the separate journeys of three dog lovers, who travel across the globe to different parts of America in search of quality time with their beloved pets. Kang Ye Won travels to New York with her Pekingese, Romi, to discover a fascinating dog-loving culture present at The High Line Hotel. Moon Jeong Hee flies over to Portland, Oregon, with Manu, her Golden Retriever, to participate in a significant dog festival at one of the local beaches. Ha Il takes his family and two cherished dogs, Sandy and Curly, on a road trip down the American west coast. Packed with twists and turns, these unique trips showcase various ways in which people try to interact and communicate with their canine companions and cultivate a lasting and loving relationship.

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