Phantasmal Night Affairs: The Enchanting Story of Qian (2021)

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“A Chinese Ghost Story: Love in the Liao Zhai” is a costume TV series written by Wang Jing and directed by Luo Junwei, starring Qiu Yinong, Wang Xinyao and Han Xinyi.

The story tells that in the late Tang and early Song Dynasties, scholar Ning Caichen had no way of imperial examination. He ran a school in Lanruo Temple to collect orphans. He fell in love with the little witch Nie Xiaoqian. Qian sacrificed herself to save Ning Caichen. After Ning Caichen escaped from the Demon Realm, he was extremely painful and his memory was lost.

By coincidence, I met the daughter of the national teacher who looked exactly the same as Xiaoqian and laughed. The two sparked sparks and came together after hardships. In order to open the seal and control the world, grandma resurrected Xiaoqian and sent her to kill Ning Caichen and Yan Chixia to capture the Heart Sutra. Xiaoqian hated Ning Caichen and laughed haha ​​together, but couldn’t start because of her true love to Ning Caichen.

After Ning Caichen learned the truth, he went to the Demon Realm to save Xiaoqian, but unexpectedly caught the magic of his grandma and almost made a big mistake. Grandma took the demons to bring harm to the world. Ning Caichen firmly believed that only love can never be broken. With the help of everyone, she rescued Yan Chixia and destroyed her grandma’s conspiracy in time. Then Xiaoqian was victimized in order to save Ning Caichen and laughed haha, and finally she lost her soul. Peace is restored in the world, but Ning Caichen regrets for life, guarding Xiaoqian’s token and lonely.

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