“The Pioneer”: The background of the story is when Taiwan’s economy took off, Jiang Yongxin (played by Wen Shenghao), an entrepreneur who studied in Japan, created a security company “Qinxin Security” that no one understands, and the philanthropist Zhuang Huilan (played by Anxinya) experienced arduous promotion together, facing the ups and downs of entrepreneurship is not favored, customer theft caused by company crisis, vicious competition, etc., fortunately, Wu Mingli (played by Cai Shuzhen), a professional woman who burns both ends of family work, and Zhang Shuo (played by Li Guoyi), a super business, work hard together, relying on deep cultivation and common good. The concept of innovation and change, to create a leading position in science and technology, and then to establish a benefit to the society, sustainable operation of the enterprise group.

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