Please, Remarry (2023)

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To save her family’s business, Yun Wan played the role of a “perfect wife” for three years until her husband, Shen Liang Chuan, was hospitalized for Wen Rong. She took the opportunity to end the business marriage and resumed her music dream as a rebellious punk female CEO, opening her own company and holding concerts.

However, the divorce activated her other personality – a top-notch “green tea” who was obsessed with Shen Liang Chuan. The two personalities engaged in a tug-of-war over Shen Liang Chuan. Meanwhile, Liang Chuan, after his divorce, finally faced his own feelings and tried to win back Yun Wan Wan.

He studied romantic tricks, learned cheesy love words, and practiced classic scenes, rushing toward Yun Wan Wan. However, he ran into both of Yun Wan Wan’s personalities and experienced extreme ups and downs.

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