Pra Suthon Manora


Pra Suthon Manora is the story (Phra Su Thon Mano Ra) of the couple love. They started forming as soon as they met each other’s eyes. But with merit and karma from the past life brought them both to pay off the debt of love. Although both Phra Suthon and Manohra will give each other body and mind until the end.

But unjust karma leads both of them have to be far apart. This is because of the various cunning of the Brahmin the Priest and Patum Mala. She is the daughter who repeated the manorah, which is like the devil in the heart. They almost had to be sacrificed in the middle of the fire. While Phra Suthon went out to battle with Thao Nantharaj outside Phra Nakhon. But the merit of Phra Suthon’s love That overflowing in the heart of that manohra Reminds Manohra Must try to save his life To look forward to the return of beloved Swami

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