Princess Aurora

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A particularly vicious and gruesome killing has taken place in a women’s washroom at a Seoul shopping mall. The victim, a bitchy and unpleasant young woman, given to verbally abusing her stepdaughter, has been stabbed countless times. Two detectives are on the case – rebellious young Jung and the stoic, understated Oh, who prays frequently and is planning to leave the force to become a Christian pastor. As more murders occur, a link between them arises – a sticker of a children’s cartoon character, Princess Aurora, is left at the scene of each crime. The police are baffled, unable to profile the killer beyond their suspicion that she’s a woman. Detective Oh, however, is quickly coming to the realization that he may know the identity of the guilty party. Intimately, in fact. As the body count rises and the horrifying, heartbreaking logic behind the bloodshed starts to fall into place in Oh’s mind, he finds himself dragged deeper into a twilight realm of moral uncertainty and quiet but powerful personal darkness.

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