Project 17: SPIKE

A story about underdogs follows a volleyball team who loses an ace player to another team and a captain who has trouble keeping the new replacement in line.

The volleyball team of Second High School has no fans, no coach and no budget. Its captain Xiao Tuo (Zhu Zhiling) and his friend A Xin manage to take the team into the final 32 through sheer determination. Unfortunately, their journey ends after being pitted against the all-star team from Tianheng High School. After putting up a tough fight through the first half, they eventually suffer a terrible loss. The team promises to come back bigger and better next year.

The new semester starts and everyone is excited to begin training. A Xin breaks the news that he is leaving because he has transferred to Tianheng High School. The team takes it hard and falls apart. New student A Ren joins the team, but he and the captain have trouble seeing eye to eye to the point that they are barred from playing. Can they put their differences aside to lead the team to victory?

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