Pyar Ke Sadqay

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Pyar Ke Sadqay is the story of Abdullah (Bilal Abbas) and Mahjabeen(Yumna Zaidi) who are social misfits. Mahjabeen’s character is that of an ingénue. Mahjabeen is a naïve, quirky, clumsy, carefree, overtalkative, and mischievous young woman who has failed the tenth-grade multiple times. She is very innocent and fails to pick up on certain social cues. Presumably, she has a lower-middle-class family background. Abdullah is a shy, nerdy, soft-spoken, and socially awkward/out-of-place university student who is gifted in mathematics. He comes from an affluent upbringing and has been verbally abused by his stepfather, Sarwar (Omair Rana). Both protagonists are daydreamers with different aspirations; Mahjabeen fantasizes about escaping from her studies and getting married one day, while Abdullah dreams about a relationship with his crush and classmate, Shanzey (Yashma Gill).

Mahjabeen and Abdullah know each other through her father, Munshi Jee, who works for Abdullah’s family and their business. Mahjabeen teases Abdullah on occasion and they are acquaintances at the beginning of the series. Early in the series, Sarwar becomes smitten with Mahjabeen and plots to pursue her romantically. After both protagonists get rejected by their interests (with Mahjabeen’s fiancé eloping with her best friend on her wedding day and Abdullah’s crush rejecting his proposal), Abdullah marries Mahjabeen on the spot. He does this out of pity. This angers Sarwar, and he secretly plots to ruin the gullible Abdullah’s relationship with the ever-so innocent Mahjabeen. The plot twists and Sarwar tries to marry Mahjabeen by false means. Mahjabeen tells about Sarwar to Abdullah who is now confused. [1][2]He sends her back home on the account of his father’s insult.Munshi Jee gets arrested on the order of Sarwar, and has a heart attack and dies after asking Washma Abdullah’s younger sister, to take care of Mahjabeen as she is very innocent. Washma is a confident girl unlike her brother Abdullah as she grew up with her aunt Lala Rukh instead of lurking with Sarwar. Abdullah proceeds to marry Shanzay after she attempts suicide. Sarwar threatens Mahjabeen and her mother but she cuts the call on his end. Washma takes Mahjabeen to the hospital where she is revealed to be pregnant. Washma explains to her mom Munshi ji was innocent and was tied in a plan plotted by Sarwar. Abdullah and Washma’s mom then tells her son to take over their company. Now their mom leaves Sarwar. Abdullah realizes Mehjabeen is his true love and breaks up with Shanzey. The serial ends with Abdullah bringing Mehjabeen home, Sarwar ending up in the jail and the last scene is of Mehjabeen and Abdullah quarreling.

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