Qingshi Chongfei Season 1 (2021)

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Several princesses with different temperaments reside in the palace of King Jing of Moxuan. King Jing favors Princess Yi for her gentle and kind demeanor. Not one to fight with others, she is virtuous, often sympathetic to the mansion maids, never beating nor scolding them. For her part, Princess Yi wholeheartedly returns the King’s affections.

King Jing later comes to value and admire the Princess for withstanding various hardships and courageously facing life and death challenges. Conversely, when King Jing faces adversity, Yi wisely finds a solution that brings him time to win the final victory.

Visiting Queen-Dowager Wangjin too recognizes the worth of the Princess, decreeing her a full concubine. Jealous of Concubine Yi, the other princesses plot her demise. To keep the peace in the palace, Yi remains tolerant for a time. But after repeated persecution, she retaliates by ridding the kingdom of these harmful women.

Now both she and King Jing play roles in court affairs that attract discontent. Cheng Wang, envious of King Jing and thinking of him wholly inferior to himself, overestimates his talents. Trouble looms as he plots to kill his rival, steal the throne and declare Yi his Queen.

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