Quarrelsome Lovers

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Outspoken cute girl SY Chen Lin and diamond men who fell in love, one where all aspects are in line with Chen Ma’s son standard, except two married Chen made ​​it a taboo. And as surgical specialists Lin mother simply did despise humble origins prospective daughter, former daughter-plus Jingmingqianggan Yang Fangfang continues with his granddaughter as a bargaining chip to win over Lin Ling mother, Lin mother inner balance completely backward former daughter. Chen Ma Lin mother is old school for many years, after the two meet again soon to find each other turned out to be his future in-laws, a foolishly this offbeat drama staged. Swallow’s twin brother who Ssangyong like a sister Xiaojing, but Xiaojing only him as a playmate, which became the most unlikely lovers quarrelsome lovers Parental Guidance, so that everyone stunned. Chen Ma Lin mother and children in order to defend their marriage escalating war. New life was born, the smoke cleared and her mother is a mother, after all understand the truth, the people for the people, the truth everywhere.

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