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The story revolves around two companions Zamal Areeba. Zamal belongs to a wealthy family whereas Areeba belongs to a white-collar class family. Areeba and Zamal are best friends until an attractive person turns into the explanation of their conflicts. Faaris marries Areeba and Zamal didn’t knew about this. Zamal asked Areeba to marry her brother Rohaan. Areeba gets engaged to Rohaan. Later on Rohaan’s best friend Rafail gets to know that Areeba and Faaris are married. He invites Rohaan to his house and when they both are in the car, they caught Areeba with Faaris. When Zamal’s gets to know that Faaris is married with her best friend Areeba, she gets dishearted. In the last episodes, Areeba leaves Faaris and stays in the house of her cousin. Faaris returns to his parents house while Areeba’s cousin leaves Areeba and also leaves Pakistan.

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