Raeng Pradtanah (แรงปรารถนา)

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Soodapa is a spoiled little rich girl who gets everything her way, but Pittaya. Soodapa is stubborn and shows her love in childish ways, to get the attention of her father’s adopted son, Pittaya, she does everything to get his attention, even get in his way of love. Through her manipulation and Rawee’s parents constant disapproval of Pittaya, Rawee begins to doubt Pittaya’s good nature and kind heart. Because of media scandal, Pittaya marries Soodapa in order to save Soodapa’s reputation and show his gratefulness for his adopted father. Pittaya promises Rawee that after he divorces Soodapa, he will come back to ask Rawee’s hand in marriage. But once Rawee is forced to engage to Poowadon, Pittaya must try his best to save her, while he is falling in love with Soodapa. Will Soodapa be able to confess her love to Pittaya? Will Pittaya choose Soodapa or Rawee?

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