Rahtree Reborn

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This is the part 3 of the original Buppah Rahtree movie series set in the same apartment where the haunting story has been told. Surrounded by tranquillity of the apartment, a horrible spirit in the room 609 is lurking, and going to be awakened. This time the terrors are triplex.

It is time for Oscar Apartment to renovate after the death of the former owner. Now, it’s Jai Sam who takes over the whole business and stealthily turns the third floor into an illegal casino. Meanwhile, Rung (Mario Muarer), a handsome guy who has a job as horror cartoonist moves in for a personal reason. As Rung has a supernatural ability to see ghost, he finally meets Buppah (Chermarn Boonyasak), a mysterious girl who lives in the room 609. Soon, he falls in love with her.

When love is blind, Rung isn’t aware that his crush indeed is the haunting and dangerous spirit that he needs to avoid. But he is too late when his sweet dream turns to nightmare as Buppah is now on the rage again.

And the bloody horror love story continues…..

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