Rang Pratana

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A twist, where our lead girl is the mean girl.

Thae(Kimberley) is a spoiled rich girl and very demanding to Pittiya(Nadech) who works at her father’s company. He also happens to be an adopted son, therefore lowly status in Thae’s eyes and worthy of bullying. She feels she can tell him to do anything and he must obey. Pitt on the other hand, despite inevitably obeying her orders, he doesn’t do sowithout a fight. He never gives in to her emotional, flighty ways, which pisses her off to no end. Pit gives in to her out of respect for his adopted father, but he would much rather dance attendance to Ravee, his girlfriend. Because of his girlfriend Pittiya rejects the offer of marriage from Thaes father. Thae can’t believe he refused her and plans her revenge. She tries to break up Pit’s romance by pretending she and Pit have a closer relationship. But why all the hostility towards Pitt?

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