Raqs e Bismil

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The show starts with Sakina, a young girl who runs away to marry a guy she loves. Musa, Sakinas’s cousin is informed by Isa about her Nikkah. Musa rushes towards the backyard where the Nikkah is taking place. Musa starts fighting with the men, grabs Sakina’s hand and drags her away. When they return home, Musa gathers everyone and tells them what Sakina was going to do. Sakina’s Uncle fixes her marriage with his son, Isa. Nikkah takes place against Sakina’s will and at that time she curses Musa that he falls in love with someone but cannot achieve his love.

Then after a week, Musa told his mother that he will only marry someone if she wears a hijab and her hands are also covered meaning she should be a very religious girl. Once he sees a girl named Zohra in a bus, wearing hijab and gloves and Musa gets attracted and falls in love with her at first sight. He starts following that girl daily as she is a university student. On following her, Musa proposes to her but instead of considering it, she tells him to reach a certain address at night. Musa reaches that place at the stated time and is shocked to see that it’s a modern party and is very shocked to see Zohra dancing in jeans and shirt. He learns the reality that Zohra is an escort.Musa is shocked and quite angry and drags Zohra out of the party and confronts her for concealing her real identity. Zohra in reply criticizes the hypocritical standards set by men and says that true love is not affected by the good or bad of the other person.

After days, Musa decides to meet with Zohra with the help of a hawker, Muraad, near Zohra’s residence. He takes away the money (that Musa had given him) to Anna ji and requests him to allow to meet Musa with Zohra. In return of money given by Musa, Anna Ji allows Zohra and she goes away with Musa. There Musa has arranged all the setup of Nikkah e.g Moulvi Sahab and Gawahaan. Zohra shocks when she comes across about the Nikkah. She crticizes her love that his love is everything is for him.

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