Red Euphorbia Millii


He is the only son of King Nishikawa , born warlord family , but he did not like his father as passionate about the war , people dubbed the ” Liu three fears ” , but he does not think it is a shame that he has his own unique world outlook, warlord era in human life as worthless , and his desire for peace, love and yearning for freedom . Can be pushed to the fate puts him on the shelf stove . Father to dominate western Sichuan , arranged a political marriage, and love for freedom , he did not give up fighting , he knows opponents will seize the opportunity to force the oceans away , and from the hand of his father won Nishikawa forces. Five years later, he returned Nishikawa , the situation had changed, the death of loved ones , friends killed, a series of blows to let him re-examine his own , in a blend of soul and body , he finally found his life Boulevard, resolutely joined the Communist Party of China , from that moment on, he became a real brave , when the advent of national hatred , he lives to defend their nation and faith.

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