Red Tears


Producer and star of the film Yasuaki Kurata wanted to make a film with a female protagonist which led to an idea about making a vampire film.[1] Kurata hired director Takanori Tsujimoto as it was his first horror film he worked on and Tsujimoto was known for his horror films.[1] Kurata gave Tsujimoto the elements he wanted in the film (vampires, female protagonists and opportunities for extended action fight scenes) and had him build a story around them.[1] Screenwriter Eiichi Yonekawa wrote a script involving two police detectives in Tokywo who are trying to catch the serial killer. Using it as a framework, Tsujimoto added large elements that would involve fake blood.[1] The action scenes in the film were inspired by Hong Kong action cinema. Kurata compared the Hong Kong style to the Japanese style by saying that “Hong Kong films are about over-action, or overdoing it; whereas Japanese action is often too subtle. It doesn’t satisfy the audience in the same way. I prefer Hong Kong style myself, but keep in mind that wire work was not used in Hong Kong until ‘Chinese Ghost Story’ (1987). My production company introduced wire action to Japanese films, about nine years ago, in a film called ‘Yellow Dragon’.”

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