Renai Aru Aru

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Shanai Renai Aruaru
Kiyomi (Meisa Kuroki) is determined to avoid any office romances due to a painful past experience. Kenichi (Yasushi Fuchikami) arrives as a new member of the staff.

Shingeru Mama Renai Aruaru
Since Hitoe (Nozomi Sasaki) divorced, she has raised her 5-year-old son alone. She is going through a difficult time making a living. Hitoe finally begins work as a dental assistant. One day, a patient, Kuroda (Yudai Chiba), invites her to lunch.

Dosei Renai Aruaru
Mari (Erika Toda) and Shinta (Tsuyoshi Muro) begin to live together. They experience happy days initially, but their relationship begins to suffer.

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