Renai Jidai

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Eto Haru and Hayase Riichiro met through fate and got married four years ago. They were happy, but a sad incident led to their divorce after marriage of a mere one year and five months. Although they have been divorced for two year and a half years, Haru and Riichiro continue to be on good terms. They have a strange relationship in which the two of them would have dinner together on their wedding anniversary and sing duets at karaoke. But one night, they happen to meet at a restaurant and a trivial quarrel leads Riichiro to make the sudden, explosive statement, “I’ll find someone for you to remarry!” From then on, Haru introduces a new partner to Riichiro, thinking that the person will make him happy. Riichiro does the same for Haru. All sorts of candidates are introduced: the son of a distinguished family, a single mother, a university associate professor who is living apart from his wife, and a first love. At first, there is a slight clash of wills. And yet, the more the two of them take action, the more they get entangled in the threads of destiny. Each of them moves rapidly towards remarriage while turning a blind eye to the other’s romance. But what is their future … …?

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