Renai Shousetsu (2004)


Satoshi Kubo has been dubbed the “God of Death” since he was a child. Whether relatives or friends, as long as they get close to him, they are bound to suffer a catastrophe that is enough to lose their lives. Over time, in order to protect friends and relatives, Satoshi gradually got used to the life of being alone. By chance, Satoshi rescued a girl named Mizuki Sawai. Satoshi’s silence and mystery gradually attracted the strange personality Mizuki, who launched a fierce attack on her. In order to protect Mizuki, Satoshi decided to hide his throbbing feelings. However, Mizuki’s bravery and perseverance allowed Satoshi to finally accept this dangerous feeling. He hoped that true love could break the curse on him. The good times didn’t last long, Mizuki contracted cancer and eventually died in pain. Satoshi could no longer find a reason to continue living, he decided to end his life.

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