Return of the Heiress (2013)

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The drama tells the story of a simple and kind girl, that has experienced family tragedies and gradually grows into a mature and self-reliant women. Breaking obstacles to achieve her grandfather’s wish, and harvesting a love story.
In Shen Shen’s enterprise, ChangQing is the heir. Since her mother died young, the business was handed to Pan WeiSen, her mother’s husband also her father, until ChangQing was old enough to receive it. Meanwhile the stepmother Ding YaQin and her daughter Ding JiaHui make things difficult for ChangQing. She finds comfort and help from LinHao, but becomes afraid of his safety by being with her. After much disputing, ChangQing is sent away by her father to live and work somewhere else.

But through overcoming many obstacles, ChangQing returns for the company that belongs to her grandfather, hiding her true intentions from her evil father, step-mother, and step-sister. Sun JinRui assist her in her vengeance, but has questionable motives. LinHao and JinRui soon become love rivals, while ChangQing wants to walk alone on this road.

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